Richard makes the news!

By Lex Risks | 06/06/2015

Richard and Jamie Heaslip in the paper, 8th February, 2015. Source: Irish Independent

Leopard and Bella Mente finish RORC Caribbean 600

By Lex Risks | 05/06/2015

25th February 2015 Source George David’s Juan K designed Rambler 88 set the time to beat for the overall winner of the 7th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600, but it didn’t last for long. Hap Fauth’s JV72, Bella Mente finished the race just after 1130 on Day Three to set the bar for the remaining yachts to better. …

Self-Insurance Concept

By Lex Risks | 05/06/2015

Insurance Concept 10th March, 2015     The Rationale for Self-Insurance The Self-Insured option versus Risk Transfer in a conventional manner to the Commercial Insurance market can offer significant benefits to the parties concerned. Such parties normally fall into one of two categories, namely: Corporations that wish to minimise their own cost-of-risk, achieved typically via a Captive or Protected Cell …


By Lex Risks | 05/06/2015

14th May, 2015 Source: The Atlantic basin, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico storm season is given a nominal start date of June 1st by various agencies, analysts and vile weather enthusiasts, continuing through to a frankly overambitious end on November 30th. We routinely draw on a number of resources ranging from excitable amateur bluffers and doomsday catastrophists to the more …