Take Good Care

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Sports persons consistently face the risk of injury during training, practising or competing and even a minor disability can be a career ending event.

Injuries are a realistic possibility in the world of professional sailing, however, Personal Accident Insurance is too often overlooked by those competing in top-level sailboat racing programmes.

For the uninsured it is extremely hard to obtain compensation for injury against a yacht owner unless negligence can be proven and the process is expensive and challenging. In all sports disciplines athletes accept the “Volente non fit injuria” rule, which simply translated means that one knowingly consents to take risks whilst performing dangerous sport activity, simply: participants are aware of the risks involved.

In this context proving negligence is not straightforward and the process is aggravated by the tortuous legal wrangles around the owner’s registration, flags of convenience and maritime law in different jurisdictions. The chances of a successful legal action is reduced and ultimately may not provide proper and adequate compensation to protect future income.

Lex Risks has been arranging Career Ending Injury insurance for many top sailors and racing yacht teams involved in the America’s Cup, RC44, and Volvo Ocean races amongst others for many years.